Sunday, August 1, 2010

Summer's Almost Over!

This picture isn't quite up-to-date, this building just got a new copper dome!

On the 8th, I am packing up my little Jetta and making the 14-hour adventure up the east coast to my Little College in Virginia. School doesn’t start until the 26th, but I have to be there early for Student Government Training and a Leadership Summit, which run from the 9th to the 13th, and then “Orchestra Camp,” which starts on the 17th and continues until the commencement ceremony for incoming freshmen on the 22nd. I can’t complain, though, I’m excited to move back in to my new dorm (in the cutest building on campus – my mom lived there when she went to LC back in the day!), and get to do some arranging before my roomie arrives.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my little college in Virginia so much, and I hate being away from it; but sometimes, I wish I had gone to a larger school – one with actual traditions and school spirit. While my little college (LC) is so quaint and a great little community to live in, it is just that. Little. Like 2,500 students little. We have six sororities on campus (two that I can’t join because I am Caucasian, riddle me that?), and three fraternities that I know of, but I don’t define LC by its Greek Life. We also have sports, like Baseball, Basketball, Lacrosse, Soccer… et cetera. However, we don’t have football, and our club sports are limited, and it’s difficult for someone who’s not very athletically inclined (like myself) to pluck up the courage to join them.

As often as I wish I had gone to a bigger school with more people, sports teams, and bustling Greek life, I see all the little things that drew me to Little College. The class sizes, the close-knit community (if I really made an effort, I bet I could learn everyone’s names – at least, everyone in my class!), the beauty of the campus, my family legacy there… Once, I made like I was going to skip class and went down to our little cafĂ©; lo and behold, I ran into my professor! While they are not about to track me down every day I miss class, my professors are actually concerned with my well being, and recognize me when I see them around campus.

Other things I love about LC; the awesome housing options (though we need another residence hall), the cleaning staff (who are
always happy), the southern charm of the people (like the cleaning staff, who call me honey and wish me a good day when I leave the building in the morning), and the fact that there is always something to do. People who claim that my little college is boring don’t leave their dorm rooms very often.

My little college is part of the community, too. People walk their dogs around the track – which I love, because I get a little dog-deprived during the year without Aging Puppy. Community service is big at LC; if I have a slow weekend ahead, I can always find sorority philanthropy or a club that needs a helping hand with a service project.

I suppose pessimism would be my “fatal flaw” (if I were an ancient Greek hero); I know that if I were to be anywhere else, I would be complaining about how big a school I went to, how I had to join a sorority to make friends (as I have observed my friends do at many big state colleges), or that the dorms suck.

I love my Little College! I mean, where else can you play cello in the orchestra with both your lesson instructor and your Philosophy Professor, who also happens to be your Old Testament Teacher?