Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Boring Old Lilly.

I have not had a very eventful couple of days, thus the textual silence on my behalf. Today I went to the Lilly Pulitzer store on St. Armand’s Circle with my friend, Sigma sister, we stopped at Marshall’s as well because I was hoping to find some Lilly-inspired stationary/binders for school. While that didn’t happen, we at least found out that our store is having a huge sale! Lots of cute shifts for very little dinero, which is good for a poor college student like myself. Anyone in the area would profit from a stop at this location!

Other than that, the only exciting things I have done in the past two days are a) bring my dad lunch at work with my dog (oh-so-southern), b) wonder about how fashionably correct wearing a headband with sunglasses is, and c) start work on another pillow for my dorm – with pockets! Letter “b” has caused me the most trouble though.

Example of headband-and-sunglasses phenomena!

I can not figure it out. While I love my headbands, I can’t really see without sunglasses on, as I live in Florida, where the sun is freakin’ blinding! Thus the necessity for both at once – if I don’t wear a headband, my hair gets all in my face, and if I don’t wear sunglasses the sun burns my retinas. In both cases, I end up blind! Oh, well. It is a dilemma worth pondering, I suppose.

In other news, my birthday is coming up! Well, not my actual birthday, but the one I’m going to be able to celebrate with my family and home friends. I will be at school in VA by the time my actual birthday – August eleventh, if one was wondering – rolls around, so my mom is having me start rounding up my presents now. I don’t quite understand this whole “buy your own presents, because you’re an adult now” deal, because Santa still puts presents under the tree, damnit! Why should I procure my own presents!

Oh, I am so tortured. Happily, I don’t have to think about it much, because a trip to Goodwill this week yielded me all of these lovely little Ralph Laurens. Take a peek!

Many people are squeamish about buying clothes from places like Goodwill, and for good reason – I have visited Goodwill’s that have made me nauseous from the sheer volume of crapola and disorganization. This is not the case with my local Goodwill, we just built a new one, and boy is it nice and clean! Also, secondhand in my little resort town is not the same as secondhand elsewhere; I mean, where else to petite old ladies donate last season’s Lacoste and Ralph Lauren because they have to get new ones? After a few washes for sanitation’s sake, I no longer care that my polo was probably worn by some old bitty, because I just bought a $30+ shirt for $4!

Enjoy the little things. :)