Thursday, July 22, 2010

Five Things About Lillian!

Well, here we go again! I’ve tried this blogging thing before, but it usually never goes anywhere as I tend become bored and abandon the thing. This blog is kind of a dare to myself to actually complete something – like Amy Adam’s character in Julie & Julia, I too have difficulty with my attention span in relation to finishing just about anything.

Before I get neck deep in posting about my life and my “projects” (oh, anyone who knows me will tell you I always have a project), I thought I would start with a few interesting tidbits about my neurotic self. So here are five things about Lillian!

  1. The nickname Lilly;

When I was born, my mother gave me the good, strong Irish name Jillian; she used to hate it when I went by Jill instead, so when I left for college, I resolved to go by Jillian. Well, the first party I ever went to was at our “Lacrosse House,” which is always quite boisterous and almost dangerous (hence why I no longer attend Varsity Lax parties), and aside from my friends, the first person I met there was a lacrosse player. I introduced myself over the “pumpin’” music, and instead of hearing Jillian, he heard Lillian and introduced me as such for the rest of the night. Needless to say, the next day was spent remedying the situation, but the nickname stuck, and was subsequently shortened to Lilly by my current boyfriend, Lax Bro (not the one from the party, though).

  1. Clothes.

As a much younger person, I went through a lot of phases clothing wise – the strange alternative phase that I try to forget about, the really nerdy phase I try to forget about and the phase where I didn’t know what to wear outside of my school uniform that I try to forget about… Anyway, lots of clothing woes that are well documented by my parents and their infernal cameras. But about my senior year in high school, when I began to get my proverbial act together, I also began to dress nicely! I am obsessed with all things preppy – Lacoste, Le Tigre, Lilly Pulitzer, Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, it all lives in my closet. While I will never give up my fondness for thrift stores (where else can you buy a Lacoste polo from this season for $3?), I am an avid Target shopper, too. My footwear consists almost solely of Sperry’s – I even have Sperry flip flops!

  1. College.

My dream for college had always been to study abroad – and then the market crashed, and General Contractor Dad pulled the plug on that dream. However, I still maintained that I wanted to go to school as far away from Florida as possible, even considering upstate New York until City Councilwoman Mom brought me to see her Alma Mater in Virginia. From the moment I walked on campus, I was completely and utterly hooked, I knew there was nowhere else I would rather go than L-College! CC Mom practically had to drag me off the campus!

This year, I am rather excited to go back to school, as I am running for the currently vacant position of President of my Graduating Class, able to rush a sorority (we aren’t allowed to until our second semester, and I decided to wait last semester), and living in my dream dorm – Hundley!

  1. Crafts.

I am absolutely obsessed with crafts. Last semester, my friends Indiana Cowgirl, California Fashionista and I began our “sorority start-up” kits, which consisted of as many art and craft items as we could stuff into a basket, a drawer, and a cute box. My Craft Box currently lives up on top of my “chiffarobe” at home, and I end up taking it down two or three times daily. I always have come sort of project I’m working on – most recently, I made a card for my friend’s birthday with her initials monogrammed on the front and the most beautiful citrus ribbon bow, which I put in a white picture frame to double as dorm room décor!

  1. Condiments.

Anyone who knows me knows that I absolutely hate ketchup, with a purple passion, and that the only condiment I put on my food is (occasionally) barbecue sauce – well, that and a heck of a lot of salt, but I think that’s a southern thing. I. Hate! Condiments! Mustard, Ketchup, Mayonnaise, Relish… it’s all so icky! I think of myself as a pretty talented cook, and to me the necessity of a condiment signifies that I did not do my job well enough!

That’s it about me, for now. I’m sure more strange details about my life will out later this week. Welcome, all, to my humble little blog! Tomorrow is when the real fun begins!