Thursday, August 12, 2010

Real Housewives of D.C.

Again, I have to apologize for being so silent these past few days (so it has been a week, eek!), but I’ve been rather busy moving into my new dorm room! It is sooooo cute, I can not even emphasize how seriously charming the building is – if one were to watch a movie in which a Woman’s College Dormitory was depicted, it would totally look like the place I’m living! The room has gabled dormers; the cute little structural elements that stick out from roofs and have windows in them! Loooove it!

This is an example of super cute dormers!

Sloped roofs are a little difficult to deal with, but I’ll survive. In case any one was wondering, I moved back to school way early (on August 9th) for Student Government Association Training and a Leadership Summit. I serve as the President of the Class of 2013 here at Little College – I have NEVER been in student government before! If only the SGA knew what they were doing when they appointed me (funny story about my election… there wasn’t one; nobody ran for Prez so I applied)!

I must now be referred to
Madame Presidente, thank you very much!

Let us switch gears. Sorry, I won’t be posting pictures of my super cute dorm setup until I finally finish unpacking (and hang my totally cute mirror), but I promise it will be alllll over the internet soon!

Anyone like the Real Housewives series on Bravo? I do, but I don’t at the same time. The shows always begin nicely, with little fighting and beautiful shots of their nice houses and the areas they live. Until the housewives are in any scenes together, the cameras just follow their wonderfully lavish lives and the ridiculous things they do (case and point
all of the Jersey Housewives). Then they start fighting, and my attention span shrinks to just about nothing – I can take about fifteen minutes of the fighting before I go crazy and change the channel!

As much as I dislike the Real Housewives, I am obsessed with the new RH of DC! So much so that Sigma Sister and I had a little party with cupcakes, cookies and vino (for her and my mother, not for me!) to celebrate the first episode last week! It was so wonderful – the women were a touch less dramatic than the Jersey girls (though I’ll give that some time), and the scenery was absolutely to die for! I lovelovelove DC!

I didn’t get to catch the most recent episode, so do
not give it away for me! I have a lot of hope for this version of Real Housewives; perhaps I’ll actually be able to tolerate it!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me, I bought a Lilly!

So the other day, my friend Sigma Sister and I went shopping at our local Lilly store - the Palm Beach store on St. Armand's Circle. So chic, love St. Armand's, it is such a big tourist destination during season, but in summertime it is nearly empty and it's delightfully easy to parallel park when there are no cars there!

Part of St. Armand's Circle. It's a huge roundabout, and all the parking spots are parallel parking!

We spent nearly an hour in the store just browsing and trying on
all of the sale dresses (NOT and exaggeration!), and then another hour talking to the adorable ladies who run the place about vintage Lilly and how Sigma Sister would commit a felony to intern for them! Poor Sigma Sister, she graduated Summa Cum Laude this year and is having trouble finding employment! I so can't believe it, she's super talented.

Anyhow, my birthday is coming up, and as an "adult" (Honestly, am I an adult if I still depend on my parents? Barely.) I was charged with finding my own gifts this year. I thought it was only suiting that I buy my
first LP dress. That's right, FIRST, as in I don't own any Lilly! I've always coveted and drooled on the website (and occasionally on the dresses in the store, shhh), but I've never owned a Lilly of my own! Blasphemy!

It arrived today, and this is what it looks like!

It’s super tight in the hips and sooo lose in the chest, is this normal? Of course, because I have "child bearin' hips," to quote Volleyball Sister.

Also for myself for my birthday, I bought a Mini Agenda in the
White Zin print! It fits in my purse, love it; I'm about as close to you get to obsessive compulsive without an actual diagnosis, the agenda is perfect for me. So many places for me to write my life down so I can obsessively manage each and every waking (and sleeping!) moment of my life! I also got a luggage tag in Later Gator, which is my absolute fav Lilly Print.

I considered getting
The Dry Erase Board, but it would totally get stolen off of my dorm room door. So instead, I made my own "dry erase board" for the door of my room - a white picture frame with a cute pattern and my initials monogrammed in it, because glass is totally dry-erase! And waaaay cheaper than a $16 dry erase board for a poor college student!

P.S., My birthday is not until the Eleventh, but shipping (aka, Ebay) is a beautiful thing. :)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Shark Week Stinks!

As someone who lives three houses away from the Gulf of Mexico and spent her summer religiously tanning there, I am not usually that phased by sea creatures. I mean, I’ve stepped on a sting ray before, didn’t get stung, no big deal – I just always do the “stingray shuffle” now. But sharks? Totally freaked! We have bull sharks in my area, and my hometown is the “Shark’s Tooth Capital of the World” (which has nothing to do with a living shark population, as the teeth are fossilized); we’ve had shark attacks occur in the area before.

(Note the words LARGE and SHARKS)

Of course, as a seasoned Floridian, I know that Shark attacks are really rare (like, every couple of years rare, as seen in the dates on these sources), but I have the worst luck in the world. Let me outline a little of my most recent bad luck for ya’all, my freshman year of college went a little like this; Day One – I step on a wasp, my foot swells up so much I have to play the cello at Commencement barefoot. Thanksgiving Break – US Airways sends me a broken plane, delayed in Roanoke until the next morning. Winter Break – Snowmageddon hits, and I am stranded in Washington D.C. for four days because of a Saturday final that I was trying to argue my way out of for months and ended up being cancelled anyway; return home to find that my Christmas gift is to get on another plane. January – I return to school to re-take the final, and miss it (long story; who holds an exam at 7AM anyway?). March-ish – Play in Orchestra for Thoroughly Modern Millie, my cello is kicked in the Orchestra pit and irreparably damaged. Spring Break – I fly home, and must drive back because flying is not working out for me; I get new tires on the car and one of them blows out in Orlando. Yesterday – I bought a Lilly Pulitzer dress off ebay for my birthday; I wait 5-6 business days for it to get here, and on day 6 (yesterday) I am finally presented with a tracking number from the woman who says she ships within 1-2 business days – this is a problem because the dress is going to arrive in FL the day I move in to my dorm in VA.

That’s not even the extent of it, but I’ll not bore any readers with petty details. The point is, I have
the worst luck in the world, non-negotiable. I would be the person swimming out to the sandbar at noon on a Wednesday, minding my own business when suddenly – BAM! JAWS re-enactment ensues.

Needless to say, this is why Shark Week scares the living bejeezus out of me! Life and limb is at risk here! Everyone is so hyped up about watching a huge animal with razor-sharp teeth slicing through hunks of cow on a hook, but nobody stops to think about the poor sods like me whose leg probably highly resembles that hunk of cow whilst swimming!

It’s too much!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Summer's Almost Over!

This picture isn't quite up-to-date, this building just got a new copper dome!

On the 8th, I am packing up my little Jetta and making the 14-hour adventure up the east coast to my Little College in Virginia. School doesn’t start until the 26th, but I have to be there early for Student Government Training and a Leadership Summit, which run from the 9th to the 13th, and then “Orchestra Camp,” which starts on the 17th and continues until the commencement ceremony for incoming freshmen on the 22nd. I can’t complain, though, I’m excited to move back in to my new dorm (in the cutest building on campus – my mom lived there when she went to LC back in the day!), and get to do some arranging before my roomie arrives.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my little college in Virginia so much, and I hate being away from it; but sometimes, I wish I had gone to a larger school – one with actual traditions and school spirit. While my little college (LC) is so quaint and a great little community to live in, it is just that. Little. Like 2,500 students little. We have six sororities on campus (two that I can’t join because I am Caucasian, riddle me that?), and three fraternities that I know of, but I don’t define LC by its Greek Life. We also have sports, like Baseball, Basketball, Lacrosse, Soccer… et cetera. However, we don’t have football, and our club sports are limited, and it’s difficult for someone who’s not very athletically inclined (like myself) to pluck up the courage to join them.

As often as I wish I had gone to a bigger school with more people, sports teams, and bustling Greek life, I see all the little things that drew me to Little College. The class sizes, the close-knit community (if I really made an effort, I bet I could learn everyone’s names – at least, everyone in my class!), the beauty of the campus, my family legacy there… Once, I made like I was going to skip class and went down to our little cafĂ©; lo and behold, I ran into my professor! While they are not about to track me down every day I miss class, my professors are actually concerned with my well being, and recognize me when I see them around campus.

Other things I love about LC; the awesome housing options (though we need another residence hall), the cleaning staff (who are
always happy), the southern charm of the people (like the cleaning staff, who call me honey and wish me a good day when I leave the building in the morning), and the fact that there is always something to do. People who claim that my little college is boring don’t leave their dorm rooms very often.

My little college is part of the community, too. People walk their dogs around the track – which I love, because I get a little dog-deprived during the year without Aging Puppy. Community service is big at LC; if I have a slow weekend ahead, I can always find sorority philanthropy or a club that needs a helping hand with a service project.

I suppose pessimism would be my “fatal flaw” (if I were an ancient Greek hero); I know that if I were to be anywhere else, I would be complaining about how big a school I went to, how I had to join a sorority to make friends (as I have observed my friends do at many big state colleges), or that the dorms suck.

I love my Little College! I mean, where else can you play cello in the orchestra with both your lesson instructor and your Philosophy Professor, who also happens to be your Old Testament Teacher?