Thursday, August 12, 2010

Real Housewives of D.C.

Again, I have to apologize for being so silent these past few days (so it has been a week, eek!), but I’ve been rather busy moving into my new dorm room! It is sooooo cute, I can not even emphasize how seriously charming the building is – if one were to watch a movie in which a Woman’s College Dormitory was depicted, it would totally look like the place I’m living! The room has gabled dormers; the cute little structural elements that stick out from roofs and have windows in them! Loooove it!

This is an example of super cute dormers!

Sloped roofs are a little difficult to deal with, but I’ll survive. In case any one was wondering, I moved back to school way early (on August 9th) for Student Government Association Training and a Leadership Summit. I serve as the President of the Class of 2013 here at Little College – I have NEVER been in student government before! If only the SGA knew what they were doing when they appointed me (funny story about my election… there wasn’t one; nobody ran for Prez so I applied)!

I must now be referred to
Madame Presidente, thank you very much!

Let us switch gears. Sorry, I won’t be posting pictures of my super cute dorm setup until I finally finish unpacking (and hang my totally cute mirror), but I promise it will be alllll over the internet soon!

Anyone like the Real Housewives series on Bravo? I do, but I don’t at the same time. The shows always begin nicely, with little fighting and beautiful shots of their nice houses and the areas they live. Until the housewives are in any scenes together, the cameras just follow their wonderfully lavish lives and the ridiculous things they do (case and point
all of the Jersey Housewives). Then they start fighting, and my attention span shrinks to just about nothing – I can take about fifteen minutes of the fighting before I go crazy and change the channel!

As much as I dislike the Real Housewives, I am obsessed with the new RH of DC! So much so that Sigma Sister and I had a little party with cupcakes, cookies and vino (for her and my mother, not for me!) to celebrate the first episode last week! It was so wonderful – the women were a touch less dramatic than the Jersey girls (though I’ll give that some time), and the scenery was absolutely to die for! I lovelovelove DC!

I didn’t get to catch the most recent episode, so do
not give it away for me! I have a lot of hope for this version of Real Housewives; perhaps I’ll actually be able to tolerate it!