Saturday, July 24, 2010

Operation Cutest Dorm Room Ever!

I have been working on it for a while, but yesterday I finally made some strides in my summer project (aside from Councilwoman Mom’s campaign, of course!) – Operation Cutest Dorm Room Ever! Officially, I suppose this all started last year when I moved into my freshman dorm; I am set on improving the sorry show I brought to school last year! Last year, my room’s colors were light blue and light green, with touches of pink. This year, I bought a comforter which is mostly pink, and my accents will be blue and green.
Kimberly Comforter by Tommy Hilfiger

I dig damask, especially pink damask! Anyway, there’s a bright green stripe at the top and bottom of the comforter, and I’ve been matching my accessories to that (plus light blue, of course). I went to Jo-Ann’s Fabric and bought two bundles of 18” x 21” quilting squares, two yards of white muslin, and some poly-fil.

This is what happened when I got home – craft supplies everywhere!
Meet my beloved craft box, lovingly dubbed the “Sorority Sister Start-up Kit.”

Needless to say, I tried to contain my mess and stay out of my family’s way, but I ended up in the center of the house in our “media room,” where all of the computers are. But I managed to get some work done – my projects for yesterday included covering cork boards with fabric, and making pillows to match.

These are the covered cork boards; please ignore the pile of white muslin in the corner!

The pillows, on top of most of my other dorm stuff! Note my beloved Georgetown Cupcakes box!

I had to hand-sew the pillows, because no matter how many times I kick myself for not owning a sewing machine, I
still don’t have one of my own! Some day, I suppose. Mod-podge is the greatest invention known to woman kind, as my new cork boards are as sturdy as can be. Last year, I bought the same cork boards and left them uncovered and without any sort of backing – big mistake! We had to leave the heat on during the Snowmageddon that was Winter Break, and everything peeled off the walls. Everything, that is, except the corners of the cork boards! This year, I pasted them right onto pieces of cardboard, and they seem to be quite solid and peel-proof.

I haven’t figured out if this will all fit into my trusty Jetta, but I assume that since I had extra room bringing most of this stuff (plus a cello and a guitar!) home with me this year that I’ll be able to make due!

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Ensley said...

I LOVVVVEEE that pink and green comforter! I wish my dorm had been half as cute. I'm from Florida too-just graduated from UF in '09.